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Patient Testimonials

Candi Atkins



When Candi first started feeling tired and out of breath in 2009, she had no idea she would be diagnosed with heart failure. After several Emergency Room visits and various doctors, she finally was diagnosed in 2015. Based on the severity of Candi's diagnosis, she was scheduled for surgery and referred to Northside Hospital's Heart Failure Clinic. She immediately started working with the clinicians at the clinic to alter her diet and create an exercise plan. Candi worked closely with her care team and became an active part of her treatment.

Her diligence and hard work paid off when she came in for her scheduled surgery and the doctor told her she no longer needed surgery.

"The staff at the Heart Failure Clinic made me a part of my own healthcare team. They empowered me to take an active role in my health and wellbeing. I know that they're only a phone call away and they've got my back. I am a walking miracle thanks to Northside Hospital's Heart Failure Clinic."

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