Overactive Bladder/Urinary Incontinence

Over 33 million people in the United States suffer from bladder control problems, and both men and women can be affected.

The symptoms of overactive bladder include:

  • Leaking triggered by laughing, sneezing, lifting heavy objects, or exercise
  • A strong urge to urinate followed by loss of urine
  • Inability to hold urine long enough to make it to a restroom
  • Difficulty initiating urination
  • Straining to empty the bladder
  • Decreased urinary stream or "dribbling"

Do you need to see a physician?

  • Is your bladder problem always on your mind?
  • Do you feel the need to wear absorbent undergarments or stay near bathrooms, just in case?
  • Have you avoided things that you used to enjoy because of fear of embarrassment?
  • Do you get up to urinate several times throughout the night?

Options for treatment include:

  • Medications
  • Insertion of a urinary catheter
  • InterStim Therapy

What is InterStim Therapy?

InterStim Therapy is like a pacemaker for the bladder. It helps to stabilize the communication between the brain and the nerves that control the bladder.

  • Approved by the FDA in 1997
  • More than 100,000 implants have been inserted worldwide

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