Effective July 1, 2010, Northside Hospital is a tobacco-free campus for employees, physicians, volunteers, patients and visitors.

Our goal of a tobacco/smoke-free campus is to provide a safe and healthful environment for all, including patients, visitors, physicians, volunteers, and employees. Please do not misinterpret the message; we are not asking individuals to stop smoking. Rather, we are asking individuals not to smoke or use tobacco on our campus.


Why is Northside Hospital tobacco-free?

Northside Hospital’s goal is to create an environment that is committed to all aspects of healthcare, wellness and prevention, as well as treatment. Modeling healthy behaviors is important to our patients, employees, volunteers, physicians, students and the community.

Who does the policy apply to?

The policy applies to everyone including patients, employees, volunteers, physicians, students, visitors, vendors, contractors and subcontractors. It applies to all Northside Hospital campuses and in buildings owned or leased by NSH including the hospital, any owned or leased buildings, grounds, parking lots, ramps, and vehicles brought onto the property. The policy includes all property, including the parking lots and landscaped areas.

Are electronic cigarette permitted?

No, electronic cigarettes are not permitted. Our tobacco-free policy defines the “use of tobacco” to be: use of any cigarette, cigar, pipe, and smokeless or other tobacco.

Where can I smoke?

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the property of Northside Hospital. This includes parking lots and landscaped areas. If you choose to smoke, you will need to leave the campus to smoke.


Below are some resources that provide smoking health information, quitting resources, and more.

You may also call the Health & Human Services National Quitline at (800) 784-8663.