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The Heart & Vascular Institute of Florida – South Announces New Practice Name

Northside Hospital June 04, 2013

The Heart & Vascular Institute of Florida – South has changed its name to The Heart Institute. This name change reflects the practice's continued commitment to the quality and growth of all its cardiac and vascular programs. It is the first step in the expansion of The Heart Institute's regional presence and expanding network of care. This expansion will strengthen the practice's position as leaders in the delivery of cardiovascular care.

The Heart Institute provides access to 16 innovative cardiologists with a variety of specialties. The practice's offerings include diagnostics; cardiac interventions; electrophysiology procedures, including the CryoAblation procedure, pacemaker/defibrillator insertion, and EP studies; and follow-up care and maintenance. Physicians with The Heart Institute also have a collaborative relationship with the Sarah Cannon Research Institute, enabling them to participate in community-based cardiovascular clinical research.

“Though our name has changed, we are still committed to providing the same great cardiac care to the community,” said Eric Rhinehart, CEO and Administrator at The Heart Institute. “Our team of physicians, along with our great support staff, are consistently focused on improving the health of our patients, and we are excited to extend our services to a wider demographic as we work to expand our practice.”

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