Northside Hospital May 01, 2014

St. Petersburg, FL - Northside Hospital is pleased to announce the absence of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers in patients for the past 48 months. Pressure ulcers, or bedsores, can be fatal if given the opportunity to develop, leading to infection that can spread to the muscle, bone and blood stream.

By implementing wound consults, which are generated automatically from nursing documentation upon admission, the hospital is able to monitor and document patients to ensure that they are moved frequently and that any early signs of an already present pressure ulcer are addressed by the patient care team.

“We would like to recognize zero hospital-acquired pressure ulcers as a team effort,” said Wendy Lincoln, RN, Chief Nursing Officer at Northside Hospital. “Our Wound Care Director, Kathy Jordan, works diligently with nursing and physicians to reduce patient risk for developing bedsores. Our achievement shows that Northside is committed to the safety of our patients and utilizes the proper mechanisms for process improvement and communication.”