Northside Hospital April 27, 2015

Northside Hospital is proud to recognize Patient Experience Week, which began on April 26 and continues through May 2, 2015.

Patient Experience Week is supported by The Beryl Institute, a global community whose focus is to serve as a resource for those involved in the patient experience, by promoting best practices and engaging the community to find ways in which those practices can be further improved.

Patient Experience Week provides a focused time for organizations to celebrate accomplishments, reenergize efforts and honor the people who impact patient experience every day.

Wendy Lincoln, Chief Nursing Officer at Northside Hospital stated, "This week is to focus on our patients and families. Our job is to make their experience as positive as possible, and thank them for choosing Northside Hospital for their care. We have activities planned for the entire week to honor our patients and families, as well as energize our staff around our mission statement, which is to 'Provide compassionate care and superior service' to all of our patients and families."

Activities planned for Patient Experience Week at Northside Hospital include:

  • April 26 - Early Kick-off! Senior Leadership rounded on patient units a goody and cake cart. 
  • April 27 - The definition of the patient experience will be emphasized to patients, and all patients will received a flower with their meal tray. 
  • April 28 - Staff Celebration: Senior Leadership will be rounding on patient units with the goody cart.
  • April 29 - Focus on Thanking Patients and Their Families: Senior Leadership will be rounding on patient units with cake. Patients will receive flowers again. Leadership will serve a free meal in the cafeteria during the evening hours. 
  • April 30 & May 1 - Staff are invited to listen to a presentation by Marcus Engel, author of The Other End of the Stethoscope and I'm Here, at the Tampa Convention Center.