Northside Hospital
November 04, 2014

St. Petersburg, FL - Northside Hospital is proud to announce the start of a new tele-stroke program with Telespecialists, LLC, a leader in remote telemedicine physician services. A collaboration that has been developing over the last four months, this innovative program rolled out on November 3, 2014, and will improve patient and physician access to neurology expertise within minutes of presentation of stroke symptoms.

Stroke is the leading cause of disability and number four cause of death in the United States, and delay in recognition of the symptoms and signs of stroke have limited the use of effective treatment applications. Hospitals have been looking to novel, state-of-the-art ways to reduce time to treatment in acute stroke. Telespecialists, LLC brings neurological expertise to the bedside within minutes of recognition of a ‘Stroke Alert,’ in an effort to foster better outcomes for all stroke patients.

“We are excited about the opportunity to enhance Northside Hospital’s stroke program and work with the team there to create a world-renowned comprehensive stroke center,” said Adam Heller, MD, Chief Operating Officer of Telespecialists, LLC. “We commend Northside Hospital for recognizing the future of healthcare where technology is leveraged to improve patient outcomes in many specialties.”

“Our number one goal continues to be improving the long-term well-being of our patients, and this program will enhance our current neurological offerings as a Comprehensive Stroke Center and aid us in doing just that,” said Dia Nichols, FACHE, CEO of Northside Hospital. “With this program, we will be able to ensure that no matter the time of day or night, strokes will be diagnosed quickly and accurately, so that treatment can begin as soon as possible.”